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Project Promoter : AIMCO Pesticides Ltd

Products & Capacity : Technical Grade Pesticides (2650 TPA)

Project Location : MIDC Lote Parshuram, Tal. Khed, Maharashtra

Proposed Investment : 246.679 (Rs. Million)

Executive Summary : AIMCO Pesticides is planning to take up technical grade pesticides expansion project in Maharashtra. The project involves expanding the technical grade pesticides & pesticides intermediates manufacturing plant.


Project Promoter : Sahib Pesticides Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Technical Pesticides (220 MTPA)

Project Location : Faijalipur Majra, Gharaunda, Karnal, Haryana

Proposed Investment : 80 (Rs.Million)

Executive Summary : Sahib Pesticides plans technical pesticide manufacturing unit with a capacity of 220 MTPA is being set up in Faijalipur Majra, Gharaunda, Karnal, Haryana, with an estimated cost of Rs.80 million. As of May 2023, the project has received final environment clearance from the MOEF.


Project Promoter : Kashma Agro Industries

Products & Capacity : Technical Grade Pesticides and intermediates (1100 TPA)

Project Location : Piraman, Anklesvar, Bharuch, Gujarat

Proposed Investment : 50.1 (Rs. Million)

Project Completion : 2024

Executive Summary : Kashma Agro Industries plans a new technical grade pesticides and intermediates manufacturing plant is planned in Piraman, Anklesvar, Bharuch, Gujarat. The project aims to produce 1,100 metric tons per year of these agrochemical products. The estimated cost is Rs.50.1 million. 


Project Promoter : Agastya Agro Ltd

Products & Capacity : Technical Grade Pesticides, Intermediates (2161.8 TPA )

Project Location : Kadechur, Karnataka

Proposed Investment : 450 (Rs.Million)

Project Completion : 2025

Executive Summary : Agastya Agro establish a new technical grade pesticides manufacturing unit is planned in Kadechur, Karnataka. The project includes a production capacity of 2161.8 TPA, R&D facility, and formulations manufacturing. The proposal has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment.


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