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Project Promoter : Virchow Petrochemical Ltd

Products & Capacity : Bulk Drug Intermediates (58333.3 Kg/day)

Project Location : Village Peddapally, Jadcherla, Mahbubnagar, Telangana

Proposed Investment : 750 (Rs. Million)

Executive Summary : Virchow Petrochemical, a stalwart in the petrochemical industry, is poised to redefine the energy landscape with a groundbreaking expansion in Village Peddapally, Jadcherla, Telangana. Brace for impact as the company embarks on a 4 MW coal-based captive co-gen power project, propelling it into a new era of sustainable and innovative energy solutions. This visionary initiative reflects Virchow Petrochemical's commitment to advancing the region's energy sector with cutting-edge technology and environmentally conscious practices.


Project Promoter : Paras Intermediates Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Chemicals & Bulk Drugs (2077.1 TPM)

Project Location : GIDC Industrial Estate, Saykha, Tal:Vagra, Bharuch, Gujarat

Proposed Investment : 274.6 (Rs. Million)

Executive Summary : Paras Intermediates, a stalwart in chemical manufacturing with a legacy spanning over three decades, is poised for a transformative chapter. Renowned for supplying chemicals across pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and petrochemicals, the company is gearing up for a significant expansion. Stay tuned as Paras Intermediates unfolds the next phase of innovation, excellence, and sustainable chemical solutions, further solidifying its position as a key player in the chemical manufacturing industry.


Project Promoter : Raspa Pharma Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : API/Bulk Drugs/Pharmaceutical Products (39.498 TPA)

Project Location : Industrial Area Raebareli Site-2, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh

Proposed Investment : 1070 (Rs. Million)

Project Completion : September 2024

Executive Summary : Raspa Pharma, a beacon in the pharmaceutical realm, is set to embark on a groundbreaking initiative. Get ready as the company unveils plans for a cutting-edge manufacturing unit in the Industrial Area Raebareli Site-2, Uttar Pradesh. This transformative project is dedicated to producing high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and bulk drugs, marking Raspa Pharma's commitment to advancing healthcare solutions. Stay tuned for significant contributions to the pharmaceutical industry and the broader healthcare landscape.


Project Promoter : Chakrachem Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Bulk Drugs Intermediates (15559.2 TPA)

Project Location : Kadechur Industrial Area, Yadgiri, Karnataka

Proposed Investment : 203 (Rs. Million)

Project Completion : June 2024

Executive Summary : Chakrachem Lifesciences, a trailblazer in the pharmaceutical industry, is poised to redefine manufacturing excellence with a transformative journey in Kadechur Industrial Area, Yadgiri, Karnataka. The company's visionary project emphasizes bulk drugs intermediates, specialty chemicals, and solvent distillation, marking a strong commitment to cutting-edge solutions in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. Buckle up for a journey that promises to set new standards in manufacturing and contribute significantly to the advancement of pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


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