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Project Promoter : Shivashakti Sugars Ltd

Products & Capacity : Sugar Plant (From 12,000 TCD To 14,000 TCD)

Project Location : Village Yadrav & Soundatti, Taluk; Raybag, Belgaum, Karnataka

Proposed Investment : 4785.8 (Rs. Millions)

Executive Summary : Shivashakti Sugar, a company based in Belgaum district, Karnataka, has initiated plans to expand its sugar refinery and captive power plant. As of May 2023, the project involves the expansion of the sugar plant's capacity from 12,000 TCD (tonnes crushed per day) to 14,000 TCD, in addition to the existing cogeneration plant of 60 MWHR (megawatt-hour). 


Project Promoter : Shri Someshwar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd

Products & Capacity : Sugar Unit (5,500 to 8,000 TCD), Co-generation Power (18 MW to 34 MW)

Project Location : Someshwarnagar, Tal Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra

Proposed Investment : 2689.11 (Rs. Millions)

Executive Summary : Shri Someshwar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana, a key player in the sugar industry, is poised for a significant expansion endeavor in Someshwarnagar, Tal Baramati, Pune, Maharashtra. This transformational project encompasses a multifaceted expansion, with a primary focus on elevating the sugar unit's capacity from 5,500 to 8,000 Tons of Cane Crushed per Day (TCD). 


Project Promoter : Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd

Products & Capacity : Sugar Unit (4500 TCD to 6500 TCD)

Project Location : Chaudhera, Post: Rosa, Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Proposed Investment : 1050 (Rs. Millions)

Project Completion : February 2024

Executive Summary :  Avadh Sugar & Energy is a sugar and renewable energy company based in Uttar Pradesh, India. The project will involve an expansion of sugar production capacity from 4500 TCD to 6500 TCD, along with the co-generation of power from 6.5 MW to 9.5 MW. The estimated cost of the project is Rs.1050 million, and construction is set to begin in September 2023 and end in February 2024. 


Project Promoter : Shree Narmada Khand Udyog Sahakari Mandali Ltd

Products & Capacity : SugarCane Crushing (5,000 TCD to 7,000 TCD), Cogeneration Power (11 MW to 41 MW)

Project Location : Village; Dharikheda, Timbi Post, Narmada, Gujarat

Proposed Investment : 1213.97 (Rs. Millions)

Project Completion : June 2025

Executive Summary : Shree Narmada Khand Udyog Sahakari Mandali, a key player in the sugar industry, is set to expand its manufacturing unit in Villages Dharikheda, Timbi, and Gamkuva, Nandod, Narmada, Gujarat. The comprehensive project includes enhancing V. P. sugar capacity, establishing a 41 MW cogeneration power plant, and producing various by-products. With an estimated cost of Rs. 1213.966 million, construction starts in August 2024 and ends June 2025. Environmental clearance is pending since June 2023.

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