These are some of the top projects in this category covered in New Projects Tracker portal in December 2023.

Project Promoter : Birla Carbon Ap Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Carbon Black (2,40,000 MT/Annum))

Project Location : Plot No. 34(P), 35,36 & 37(P), SEZ Naidupeta, Industrial Park, Palachuru Village, Pellakuru Mandal, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Proposed Investment : 17932 (Rs. Million)

Project Completion : Oct 2025

Executive Summary : Birla Carbon Ap Pvt Ltd is spearheading a groundbreaking project in SEZ Naidupeta, Andhra Pradesh, involving the establishment of a carbon black manufacturing plant and a 57 MW captive power plant. With a substantial production capacity of 2,40,000 MT/Annum, the estimated project cost is Rs.17932.5 million. The construction timeline spans from June 2024 to October 2025. Submitted to the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change in December 2023, the project is currently undergoing rigorous environmental clearance examination, showcasing Birla Carbon Ap Pvt Ltd's commitment to responsible industrial practices.


Project Promoter : Grasim Industries Ltd

Products & Capacity : Caustic Soda (from 400 TPD to 1000 TPD), Chlorine Derivative Chemicals (from 350 TPD to 720 TPD)

Project Location : Balabhadhrapuram, Mandal: Biccavolu & at Village: G.Dontamuru(V), Mandal: Rangampeta, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

Proposed Investment : 24500 (Rs. Million)

Executive Summary : Grasim Industries Ltd, a prominent chemical company, is strategically expanding its caustic soda manufacturing facilities in Andhra Pradesh, India. This forward-looking project aims to enhance production capacity and introduce new lines for chloromethanes, carbon tetrachloride, and chlorofluorocarbons. With an estimated cost of Rs. 24500 million, Grasim Industries Ltd is diligently obtaining environmental clearance, underscoring its steadfast commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices in the chemical industry.


Project Promoter : Abhinav Karthik Industries Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Leather/ Non-Leather Footwear/ Shoes (2000 Pairs/Day)

Project Location : Sy. No. 77(Part), Plot No. 247, Ysrjmih, Kopparthy (V), C.K.Dinne, YSR, Andhra Pradesh

Proposed Investment : 59.8 (Rs. Million)

Executive Summary : Abhinav Karthik Industries Pvt Ltd is launching a footwear manufacturing project in Ysrjmih, Kopparthi (V), Andhra Pradesh, with a daily capacity of 2000 pairs, costing Rs. 59.8 million. As of December 2023, the project has received approval from state pollution control authorities, underscoring the company's commitment to environmental compliance and sustainable practices in the footwear industry.


Project Promoter : Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd

Products & Capacity : Iron ore Pelletisation Plant (8.16 MMTPA)

Project Location : Kancharapalem, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Proposed Investment : 9850 (Rs. Million)

Executive Summary : Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd is spearheading a major initiative with an 8.16 million ton per annum iron ore pelletization plant in Andhra Pradesh. The project includes a 25 MW captive power plant, estimated at Rs. 482 million. Currently undergoing environmental clearance, this endeavor showcases the company's commitment to sustainable steel production and underscores Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd's dedication to advancing the steel industry in the region.


Project Promoter : Sigachi Industries Ltd

Products & Capacity : API (72,000 MT/Y)

Project Location : Orvakal Mega Industrial Hub, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

Proposed Investment : 2800 (Rs. Million)

Executive Summary : Sigachi Industries Ltd is set to establish a cutting-edge pharmaceutical plant in Orvakal Mega Industrial Hub, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. With a substantial production capacity of 72,000 MT/Year and an estimated cost of Rs. 2800 million, the project is poised for significant impact. As of December 2023, Sigachi Industries Ltd has garnered an investment proposal from the state government, signaling a promising future for growth and development in the pharmaceutical sector under its leadership.


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