These are some of the top projects in this category covered in New Projects Tracker portal in December 2023.


Project Promoter : Swati Spentose Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Tablets, Capsules and Injectables

Project Location : Valsad, Gujarat

Proposed Investment : 3000 ( Rs, Million )

Executive Summary : Swati Spentose Pvt Ltd plans a Rs. 3000 million pharmaceutical project in Valsad, Gujarat, focusing on tablet, capsule, and injectable manufacturing. A Memorandum of Understanding with the state government, formalized in December 2023, signifies collaboration to streamline regulatory processes and boost regional economic development.


Project Promoter : Grainspan Nutirent Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Grain Based Distillery (from 100 KLPD to 350 KLPD)

Project Location : Bhamsara, Bavla, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

 Proposed Investment : 3500 ( Rs. Million )

Executive Summary : Grainspan Nutrient Pvt Ltd is spearheading a Rs. 3500 million expansion project in Bhamsara, Bavla, Gujarat, enhancing its grain-based distillery capacity from 100 KLPD to 350 KLPD for ethanol production. Commencing construction in January 2024, the initiative also involves amplifying the captive power plant from 3.5 MW to 9.75 MW, with an anticipated completion by November 2024. The project, submitted to the Ministry of Environment in December 2023, awaits clearance following the provision of requested environmental details.


Project Promoter : BluPine Energy Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Solar Power (120 MW)

Project Location : Gujarat

Proposed Investment : 6650 ( Rs. Million )

Executive Summary : BluPine Energy Pvt Ltd is leading a groundbreaking 120 MW solar power project in Gujarat, India, post a successful auction by Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. This Rs. 6650 million initiative attains financial closure through green loan financing from Standard Chartered. Demonstrating a dedication to sustainable energy solutions, BluPine Energy's strategic move contributes to the region's renewable energy landscape, showcasing responsible capital deployment for environmental conservation.


Project Promoter : Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Beverage Bases and Concentrates

Project Location : Sanand Industrial Estate-II, Sanand, Gujarat

Proposed Investment : 30000 ( Rs. Million )

Executive Summary : The Coca-Cola Company is set to revolutionize its operations with a state-of-the-art beverage bases and concentrates plant in Sanand, Gujarat. This ambitious project, estimated at Rs. 30,000 million, aims to enhance production capabilities. Having secured the required land and approvals by December 2023, this move underscores The Coca-Cola Company's unwavering commitment to growth and technological advancement in the competitive beverage market.


Project Promoter : Kutch Copper Tubes

Products & Capacity : Copper Tube (60000 TPA)

Project Location : Village Navinal, Mundra, Kutch, Gujarat

Proposed Investment : 11940 ( Rs Million )

Executive Summary : Kutch Copper Tubes Ltd is initiating a Rs. 11,940 million copper tube plant project in Mundra, Kutch, Gujarat, boasting a production capacity of 60,000 TPA. Scheduled for construction from August 2025 to February 2027, the project, submitted for environmental clearance in December 2023, reflects the company's commitment to expanding manufacturing capabilities and promoting sustainable practices, fostering regional economic growth and job opportunities.

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