These are some of the top projects in this category covered in New Projects Tracker portal in March 2023.


Project Promoter : Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Readymade Garments

Project Location : Khurdha, Odisha

Proposed Investment : 2500 (Rs.Million)

Executive Summary : Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd is set to establish a new readymade garments unit in Khurdha, Odisha, reflecting a strategic move to expand its manufacturing capabilities. The project, estimated at Rs. 2500 million, has garnered approval from the State Level Single Window Clearance Authority (SLSWCA) of the Odisha government. As of March 2023, the company is actively engaged in pre-project activities, signaling its commitment to advancing the garment manufacturing sector in the region.


Project Promoter : Globus Spirits Ltd

Products & Capacity : Grain Based Ethanol (200 KLD)

Project Location : Jhamujhara, Tehsil Kamakshyanagar, Dhenkana, Odisha

Proposed Investment : 1517.2(Rs.Million)

Executive Summary : Globus Spirits Ltd is strategically planning a grain-based ethanol plant in Odisha, featuring a robust 300 KLPD capacity alongside an 8.0 MW cogeneration power plant. With an estimated cost of Rs. 2500 million, the project has already secured environmental clearance, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable and responsible manufacturing. Envisaged to produce 105,000 metric tons of ethanol with 80% or higher alcoholic strength, the project is currently in the planning stage, marked by the filing of an industrial entrepreneurs' memorandum.


Project Promoter : Mayfair Hotels & Resorts Ltd

Products & Capacity : Hospitality & Healthcare

Project Location : Mouza Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Khurda, Odisha

Proposed Investment : 3850(Rs.Million)

Executive Summary : Mayfair Hotels & Resorts Ltd is embarking on an ambitious project with the construction of a sanctuary, hotel, and convention center in Mouza Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Khurda, Odisha. This visionary endeavor encompasses two buildings, boasting a combined build-up area of 99,204.65 square meters. The project includes a robust DG set of 2500 KVA and a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with MBBR & ACF Technology, featuring a capacity of 300 KLD.


Project Promoter : Tata Steel Ltd

Products & Capacity : Lime Kiln (600 TPD), Air Cooled Blast Furnace (876000 TPA)

Project Location : Narendrapur, Kusupanga, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Proposed Investment : 1460.7(Rs.Million)

Executive Summary : Tata Steel Ltd, a prominent steel manufacturer in India, is spearheading a transformative project in Odisha, involving the establishment of a new lime kiln unit and an air-cooled blast furnace slag processing unit. With an estimated cost of approximately Rs.1460.7 million, the initiative aims to reduce emissions, recycle waste, and enhance efficiency in steel production. As of March 2023, the company has secured approval from state pollution control authorities, reinforcing Tata Steel's commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.


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