These are some of the top projects in this category covered in New Projects Tracker portal in February 2023.


Project Promoter : Rays Power Infra Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Avant-Garde PV Photovoltaic Power Station (1800 MW)

Project Location : Rajasthan

Proposed Investment : 91400 (Rs.Million)

Executive Summary : Rays Power Infra Pvt Ltd is strategically planning to construct an advanced PV Photovoltaic power station in Rajasthan. The estimated cost for this ambitious project is Rs. 91,400 million, with the goal of generating 1800 MW of renewable power across four projects. As of February 2023, the company has taken a significant step forward by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the state government, marking a crucial milestone in the project's progression.


Project Promoter : Uno Minda Ltd

Products & Capacity : Airbag Tools and Equipment

Project Location : Neemrana, Alwar, Rajasthan

Proposed Investment : 2000(Rs.Million)

Project Completion : Middle of 2025

Executive Summary : Uno Minda Ltd, a leading automotive components manufacturer, is set to expand its plant in Neemrana, Rajasthan, with a focus on installing airbag tools and equipment. The estimated cost of this expansion project is Rs. 1750 million, with the board approving a capital expenditure of Rs. 175 crore for the initiative.


Project Promoter : Greenko Energies Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : Shahpur Pumped Storage (1800 MW)

Project Location : near Shahpur, Shahabad, Baran, Rajasthan

Proposed Investment : 97217.6(Rs.Million)

Executive Summary : Greenko Energies Pvt Ltd, a prominent renewable energy company, is strategically advancing with plans to establish a new pumped storage project in Rajasthan. This visionary project is designed with a substantial capacity of 1800 megawatts (MW) or 10,800 megawatt-hours (MWH). The estimated cost for this ambitious undertaking is 97,217.6 million rupees, reflecting the company's commitment to significant investment in renewable energy infrastructure.


Project Promoter : Nirman TMT Steel Pvt Ltd

Products & Capacity : TMT Bars (1,20,000 TPA)

Project Location : Chirota Near Bagru RIICO Ext. Area, Bagru, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Proposed Investment : 167.3(Rs.Million)

Executive Summary : Nirman TMT Steel Pvt Ltd is gearing up for a significant venture with the establishment of a TMT bars manufacturing unit in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This strategic initiative boasts a substantial capacity of 120,000 metric tons per annum (TPA). With an estimated cost of Rs.167.3 million, the project is scheduled to commence construction in January 2024, with completion anticipated within the same year. Environmental clearance is currently underway, emphasizing the company's commitment to responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices in the steel industry.


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